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Safety 101

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Be Smart. Be Safe.

Safety is a top priority for SunRail. We want everyone to be smart and safe – whether you live and work near railroad tracks, or you drive, bike or walk over them during your daily travels.

SunRail utilizes existing train tracks, and we aren’t the only train you can find along Central Florida railways. During high commute periods, there are more trains on tracks traveling with greater frequency. SunRail trains are quieter than typical freight and Amtrak trains. By practicing reasonable driving, cycling and pedestrian habits, you can ensure your own safety – and that of others – around the rail.


By staying alert and taking simple precautions around the rail, you can stay safe. Make sure that your vehicle is clear of the intersection and behind the white line always. This is especially vital when warning signals start to flash at rail crossings and the gates come down. Please use caution at railroad crossings.

Some stations feature pedestrian gates, which come down to stop pedestrian traffic as the train approaches or is in the station. Always remember, there could be a second train approaching from the other direction at any time.

It’s important to remember that train tracks are not a playground, photo studio, walking path or recreation area. Train tracks are private property. Crossing at unmarked areas, or walking on the tracks, is extremely dangerous and a criminal offense.


  • Use Crosswalks
  • Always Look for a Second Train
  • Report Suspicious Packages and Actions
  • Watch Your Step Boarding the Train


  • Avoid Distractions Near Tracks
  • Never Place Objects on Tracks
  • Do Not Stop on Tracks, Keep Behind White Line
  • Never Board a Train in Motion


SunRail delivers free safety presentations to the Central Florida community. Click below to fill out a short form or schedule a group ride.

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SunRail Safety Contact
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