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Safety is a top priority for SunRail. We want everyone to be safe around railroad tracks, so SunRail is extending rail safety awareness for ALL riders and has created specialized presentations which are designed for the visually impaired, hearing impaired, and people with learning disabilities.

SunRail delivers FREE safety presentations to the Central Florida community. We work with schools, youth organizations, community groups and businesses to educate on the importance of rail safety. Presentations are tailored to your organization’s safety needs and are suitable for all ages and walks of life.

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Safety is for Everyone Downloads

Solicitar una presentación

SunRail ofrece presentaciones de seguridad gratuitas para la comunidad de Florida Central. Trabajamos con escuelas, organizaciones juveniles, grupos comunitarios y empresas para educar sobre la importancia de la seguridad ferroviaria. Las presentaciones se adaptan a las necesidades de seguridad de su organización y son adecuadas para todas las edades y estilos de vida.

Para comenzar, complete este breve formulario. Un representante de seguridad de SunRail se pondrá en contacto con usted en breve.

To schedule a group ride with a free safety presention on board SunRail, please haga clic aquí.

SunRail Safety Role Playing Game

Presentations can include:

  • Safety information
  • ASL interpreter for audiences with hearing disabilities
  • Science of SunRail Trivia
  • Fun Facts/Did you know?
  • In-classroom safety role-playing games
  • Fun giveaways
  • Giveaways in braille for audiences with visual disabilities
  • Coloring activity sheets

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