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Train Collisions Can Impact Everyone

Every collision is preventable! Whether you are driving, biking, or walking near the tracks, by staying alert and taking simple precautions you can keep yourself and others safe. Each impact has emotional, physical, psychological, and financial consequences and the effects of a collision with a train reach far beyond the individual to families, first responders, witnesses, commuters, and more. Train tracks are private property, and crossing at unmarked areas, or walking on the tracks, is extremely dangerous and a criminal offense. Share your safety knowledge and experience with others, lead by example, and together, we can save lives.

See how a split-second unsafe decision can impact everyone involved, from the individual to first responders, train crews, and many others involved. Watch our 4-part Avoid the IMPACT video series.

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Monday, 9/18

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Tuesday, 9/19

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Wednesday, 9/20

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Thursday, 9/21

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Do not stop on or walk along the tracks, and make sure your vehicle is not hanging over the rails.


Gates are there for your safety. Trains can approach quickly from either direction at any time.


Be aware of your surroundings. Put the phone away and pause the music for a few seconds
to cross the tracks safely.

How You Can Help

Learn, Post, and Share to make a difference.


Use customized rail safety stickers on your social posts and tag SunRail through Facebook and Instagram: @RideSunRail, #SunRailSafety, #HowToNotGetHitByATrain

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Display our Digital Banners

Display these safety banners on your organization’s website to raise awareness and promote safe behavior in Central Florida. Be sure to link the banners directly to this webpage.

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Share with Your Community

Share the message with your community, neighborhood watch groups, and places of business.

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