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Commuter Benefit Program

“Edenred Benefits has been partnering with SunRail since its inception in mid-2014, extending our popular commuter benefits program to employers and employees in Central Florida. The SunRail program allows us to manage our participants’ monthly commuting needs through a simple and effortless process. SunRail’s Finance team and their team of Customer Service Representatives are among the best in the business, always available to ensure the riders have the best commuting experience possible.” 

Christopher Lazzaro
Director, Operations and Business Development
Edenred Commuter Benefits Solutions

What Are Commuter Benefits

Commuter benefits allow employers to support their employees when it comes to their daily commute. Non-traditional benefits can help employers stand out by offering unique perks that can be meaningful to employees, positively impacting company culture, and helping to retain top talent. The SunRail Business Development team can assist your business in establishing Commuter Benefit programs, which may provide the following benefits:

  • Lower payroll taxes
  • Reduction of employees’ taxable income
  • Savings on parking fees

How Commuter Benefits Work

Commuter benefits give employees the opportunity through their employer to use tax-free dollars on commuting costs and keep more of what they earn in every paycheck. Companies that offer commuter benefits also save money by reducing payroll taxes.

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Lanell "I like SunRail because of the convenience. I also love not having to drive in heavy traffic. The train is on time, the staff is friendly and helpful, and I love the Wi-Fi.” Lanell SHARE YOUR STORY WHAT SUNRAIL RIDERS ARE SAYING Lissette "I ride SunRail for peace; I have time to reflect on my day, say my prayers and have quiet time before my day begins.” Lissette SHARE YOUR STORY WHAT SUNRAIL RIDERS ARE SAYING Frank M "My commute with SunRail is very relaxing. I am able to continue to work, read, make new friends on the train and even stop for an evening glass of wine in Winter Park on occasion.” Frank M SHARE YOUR STORY WHAT SUNRAIL RIDERS ARE SAYING
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