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Jul 31

SunRail Service Suspension Monday, August 3, 2020

Orlando, Fla – Due to Hurricane Isaias, the Florida Department of Transportation is suspending SunRail service Monday, August 3, 2020.

This Saturday, crews will begin work to prepare the corridor and render it safe prior to the impending storm. Hurricane Isaias preparations include:

  • Securing railroad gates at 127 railroad crossings on the 61.5-mile corridor, including
    removal of longer railroad gates
  • Inspecting and storing the SunRail train fleet
  • Securing railroad equipment throughout the corridor.

After the storm, and when conditions stabilize, a complete inspection of the 61.5-mile corridor is necessary to assess the storm’s impact and to prepare the corridor to reinstate rail service for SunRail, as well as freight and Amtrak operations. Restoration of service includes reinstalling gates, safety inspections and removal of any obstructions on the railroad tracks.

As a result, SunRail service is suspended Monday, August 3, 2020.

Please remember that even though railroad crossings will be taken out of service, drivers should still exercise caution. After the storm, and before gates are re-installed, there could be special vehicles and slow-moving trains on the rail. Please be careful around trains, railroad crossings, and while at station platforms. Be smart. Be safe. Please visit our website, follow @RideSunRail, or download the SunRail app for updates.

For questions, please contact Public Information Officer, Jessica Ottaviano, at 386-943-5473 or

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