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SunRail Spring Break Ride SunRail during spring break, 3/13 - 3/17, to fun destinations and events like the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival and Choo-Choo to the Zoo. Read More Protect Your Card - Slider The only way your SunCard balance will be replaced if it’s lost or stolen is if your card is registered. Click below to register AND protect your card today. Read More Take SunRail to and from the game on weeknights Extended southbound train service from Church Street Station. Click for schedule. Read More Remember to Tap On & Off Did you know that fares are calculated by how far you travel? Always tap your SunCard or ticket to be charged the correct amount. Read More Please Be Kind In a world full of unknown journeys, please remember to be kind to others. Read More

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Reloadable SunCards are the better way to go for routine riders. SunCards have a one-time cost of $5 and can carry one Travel Plan as well as hold a Prepaid Value.

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